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About Company

In this fast-changing world, maintaining good physical health is a challenge for everyone. Everyone wants 100% pure, genuine,natural products which could give good physical health & good mental health in the form of self-satisfaction. It is a challenge to provide 100% pure, natural products at a reasonable rate in today's competitive world. Thethdeshi is an initiative to cater to people with the best quality Indian (Thethdeshi) products.

India is a country rich in flora and fauna, and no other country has a culture as diverse as the one we follow daily. We are dedicated to providing this rich culture in the form of products that we require for better physical and mental health, covering foods, apparel, decorative items, body care, personal care, and other products that are 100 percent pure and sourced from all over the country

It has been formed with the goal of providing good health to the entire world by linking them to India's far-flung rural areas, which are the source of rich Indian products scented with purity and simplicity. Our goal is to serve people, to provide happiness, and to spread peace throughout the world.

It has a two-fold sacred aim: to provide employment to people from the rural areas of the country in order to help them become financially self-sufficient, as well as to recognize and preserve arts in a variety of fields that are rapidly fading. We've also decided to group with those who share our goal of making everyone's life happier, peaceful, and prosperous. Kindly contact
us at join @ thethdeshj.com.